My Story

Let me introduce myself. My name is Heather Kristin Morrow. I am a widow and a mother and I love my family, serving people, writing, speaking, traveling, decorating, and cooking. I was married to my precious husband and best friend, David, for 20 years and I have two daughters (Megan and Maitlynn), a son (Mekenzie) and son in law (Jake). I also have a sweet little Yorkie, Ella. My family means the world to me.

In May of 2016, our entire world was turned upside down. David, was diagnosed with cancer–colon-rectal cancer that had already metastasized to his liver. It was Stage IV and the prognosis was not positive. It came as a shock, but we had no idea what the future really held for us as a family.

When you or someone you love gets the diagnosis of cancer, so many emotions flood your mind. My instinct to fight for my husband kicked in and I began to research all the ways that we could fight this terrible evil of cancer. We tried the conventional route of chemotherapy and the non-conventional route of alternative and holistic treatments. The most important thing we had in this fight was our faith in God and support of friends and family.

We learned so much through this journey. We changed to a completely vegan diet for the first year as my husband underwent the strongest amount of chemotherapy they could give him. Because of this, he lost a lot of weight that he needed to lose and felt so much better. He handled the chemotherapy like a pro and his doctor couldn’t believe how healthy he was in spite of his diagnosis and treatment. We continued an almost vegan, organic and sugar free diet throughout his treatment and learned how important that is, in spite of the fact that most of his conventional doctors said it wasn’t necessary.

David made his decisions in regard to his treatments as he felt best and we supported him in all of them. I’m so very sad to say that on January 20, 2018, David took his final breath on this earth and is now in Heaven. We miss him more than we could ever explain, but David was such an example of grace, strength, and dignity through his battle. He fought til the end and always with a great attitude. God has given us opportunity after opportunity to help others who are going through what our family has just walked through. I’ve learned so much, some the hard way, during this journey and if there is something I can do to help another wife or mother or caregiver, then I want to do that.

I’m not a professional dietician or doctor, yet, I believe I have a wealth of knowledge from personal research and experience that will help others fight illness from a practical standpoint. My goal is to use this site to help others find emotional and physical healing from whatever illness or situation they are faced with. I want to share how to make a holistic lifestyle work in the real world (and with a house full of teenagers), and how to utilize nutrition as a weapon as you battle against physical and emotional illness.

One of the articles that I wrote while we were in Tijuana, Mexico at Hope 4 Cancer Clinic was “Morning Coffee.” I had hoped for a miracle and although it didn’t come, as I prayed it would, it did come. We have seen miraculous things happen, as we have learned to lean on Jesus through this storm. Morning Coffee is now a ministry that God has given me to use two things I love, coffee and talking to people, to help bring healing and hope for others going through storms. These stories through articles and interviews highlight the healing journey of our family and others who have faced unimaginable hurtles and come out ahead. God has helped us through this time and although it may look like we have lost, we know that we didn’t really lose. My children had shirts made that say, “Stronger Than Cancer” on the front and “Team Morrow” on the back. We still wear them with pride for our husband/father who showed that cancer may have ultimately taken his life here on this earth, but we will not let it destroy us. It will not win. We will fight this horrible evil by using what we know to help others, now. We have so much to share with other families.

Maybe you are just getting a terrible diagnosis and have no idea what to do next. Maybe you are hurting from other loss that seems to overwhelm you. You are not alone. Whatever stage you are in, our prayer is that something we share will help you in your journey and bring hope for better days ahead.

Be Blessed!!!

Heather Kristin

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